Are you happy with your job?
What type of person are you looking for?
A big amount of money (people)
so far, so good.
No.1 cancer killer
Are you having a good time?
I'll buy you a drink.
Excuse me. Could you take a picture of us?"
Is it worth going?
It didn't look real.
Nobody used to talk about it.
He has a reputation for a short temper.
I hope to see you again sometime soon.
It looks like rain.
Business is picking up.
He's trying to make a good impression on them.
There's a cold going around.
His acting was great.
We collected donations for her.
The police tested the driver's breath for alcohol.
I'll have to ask someone for directions.
I had to have a body search at the airport.
The Internet has increased the number of business opportunities.
We would put our child in day care.
You shouldn't honk your horn unless it's an emergency.
The job market is more competitive than it used to be.
I need to air out a room once in a while.
I was carried away.
I take a ten minute break.
I almost had a nervous breakdown.
I'm going to be late.
It could happen to anybody.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
I feel obligated.
She is picky about men.
It's stuffy in here.
I should have brought my umbrella.
He took advantage of innocent people.
Did you ever win the lottery?
His house was broken into.
spread butter on my toast
How many stories is that building?
He has a financial problem.
I'm calling about your ad.
How soon can you get there?  
How late are they open on Sundays?
Did you get a refund?
What price range do you have in mind?